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Help us raise £10,000 to purchase specialist mannequins for our upcoming exhibition, Andy Warhol: The Textiles.

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We were absolutely blown away by your support for our last crowdfunding campaign to help the Museum survive through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. We are reaching out for your help again, this time to invest in new specialist mannequins.

Please help us by adopting a mannequin, secure fashion and textiles for future generations. #fashionandtextilesforever.

Why we need your help...

In April we will be opening our upcoming exhibition Andy Warhol: The Textiles and we would like to invest in 39 specialist mannequins to ensure these previously unexhibited garments are beautifully and expertly displayed, supported, and cared for. They will also enable us to tour the exhibition nationally and internationally creating much-needed income for the future security of the Museum.

The majority of our income comes from you: our supporters. Every penny is put back into the running of our Museum. Be a part of our story and help us to preserve these important garments.

Why these mannequins specifically?

Manufactured from recycled paper, cardboard, and newspaper the mannequins contain no toxic substances such as adhesives and are organic, recyclable, and biodegradable.

The garments featured in the exhibition are on the small side. So small that we currently do not have mannequins that would not create tension and stress on these historic garments. We want to preserve this important piece of textile history for many years to come, striking the fine balance between making them accessible to audiences but also protecting them for future generations.

How your donation will help...

This year marks our 20th anniversary. Every donation, big or small, will assist in investing in our future, ensuring that we will be able to celebrate our 40th anniversary.

The road to recovery after Covid has been tough, but your donation can help us to present fabulous exhibitions that travel the world.

If you are able, please consider donating and/or sharing this campaign. Every act of support will be gratefully received. Together we can secure and preserve fashion and textiles for future generations #fashionandtextilesforever.

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