Tommy Nutter: Rebel on the Row

An exploration of Nutter’s style, ushering in a new era which shook up the staid and traditional world of bespoke tailoring on Savile Row.

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When Nutters opened in 1969 on Savile Row, the staid and traditional world of bespoke tailoring entered a new era. Tommy Nutter, with master cutter Edward Sexton, combined up-to-the-minute styling with classic techniques to create the brand that set the Row swinging. The shop &ndash financed by Cilla Black, James Vallance White, and Beatles&rsqquo; executive Peter Brown – opened up the experience of bespoke tailoring; catering to rock stars, artists and aristos who wanted to custom fit with the new shapes and details pioneered at Nutters.

This exhibition not only explores the Nutter style but also analyses the contribution of this legendary individual in the marketing and branding of a Savile Row company. A range of suits takes the viewer through the changes that Nutter introduced and places his work in the social and historical context of the late 60s to the 1990s.

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