The Skill of Constructed Sculptural Textiles

Artists explore the roles of constructed and sculptural textiles within their own practice and discuss their inspirations and successes.

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The 62 Group of Textile Artists presents The Skill of Constructed Sculptural Textiles, the fourth talk in their popular annual lecture series at the Fashion and Textile Museum. This online lecture introduces 62 Group members Lucy Brown and Ann Goddard and their respective practices.

Lucy Browns’ art is driven by her interests in personal and collective experiences, embodiment, femaleness, craft-labour and nostalgia. She works with a mixed palette of old unwanted clothing and hair – domestic and personal artefacts as raw material. These raw materials manifest into woven installations, anti-form sculptures, site-specific interventions and individual pieces.

At this online event, Lucy presented the lecture ‘Building it up and cutting it down’, giving an insight into her textile art practice and its wider context, while considering textile terms relating to sculptural textiles and the overlay of its so-called categories. Lucy explored some of these terms in context with selected artworks in recent Latvia and Poland Textile Triennials.

Ann Goddard is a mixed media textile artist based in Cheshire. She has an MA in Fine Art, having previously studied creative embroidery, constructed textiles, and ceramics. Ann creates three-dimensional textile and mixed media constructions, assemblages and small installations comprising multiple units.

Ann’s talk gave an insight into her practice and showed how research into human impact on nature influences the choice of materials, processes, techniques and construction of her work. Ann highlighted three pieces of work which are part of an ongoing project, exploring local and global ecological issues: ‘On the Brink’, an award-winning work consisting of 100 small pupa forms made from burnt and dyed bark cloth, ‘Extinction’ an installation of 40 small sculptures alluding to the loss of biodiversity and ‘Hostile Landscape’, a floor-based installation consisting of nine units suggestive of paving slabs.

Throughout this online event, both artists explored the roles of constructed and sculptural textiles within their own practice, discussing their inspirations, successes and visions for ongoing bodies of work.

This is a recording of the online event, The Skill of Constructed Sculptural Textiles, which originally took place on Thursday 14 October 2021 via Microsoft Teams.

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