Get Changed: Finding the New You Through Fashion

Fashion stylist Kat Farmer discusses her new book and shares her experience of how fashion helped her to rediscover her confidence.

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Join personal stylist, journalist and Instagram style guru Kat Farmer in conversation as she discusses her new book, Get Changed: Finding the New You Through Fashion, with Head of Exhibitions Dennis Nothdruft.

In this online event, Kat will share her experience of how, like many women, fashion has helped her regenerate herself and rediscover her confidence. Borrowing from the structure of a recipe book, Kat breaks down the process of building the ultimate wardrobe with easy-to-remember tips and tricks. Hear how she deals with some of her own personal anxieties as well as expert advice that only a personal stylist would know!

From sorting out your current wardrobe to identifying key pieces that work for both your lifestyle and body shape, Kat’s warmth and humour will help you reassess your style in an easy and effective way. You’ll come away from this talk inspired and assured that you too can build a wardrobe of clothes you love – and will actually wear!

This is a recording of the online event, Get Changed: Finding the New You Through Fashion, which originally took place on Thursday 29 March 2022 via Microsoft Teams.

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