Curator Talk: 150 Years of the Royal School of Needlework

Explore the Royal School of Needlework’s contribution to the world of embroidery in this discussion with the curators behind the exhibition.

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Meet the curators behind the upcoming exhibition 150 Years of the Royal School of Needlework: Crown to Catwalk in this illustrated discussion between Head of Exhibitions Dennis Nothdruft and Dr Susan Kay-Williams.

In 1872, the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) was founded on two key principles – the first, the preservation of hand embroidery as an art form and the second, the support of women’s independence through work. In the intervening 150 years, the RSN’s journey towards these goals has taken many unexpected forms and featured countless high-profile projects.

150 Years of the Royal School of Needlework will explore this historic organisation’s contribution to the world of embroidery. The exhibition will present collaborations with the great names of the Arts and Crafts movement, commissions produced for the British royal family, contemporary works created for top, international designers, and pieces by the RSN’s talented students. Join Dennis and Susan as they discuss some of the key pieces featured in the exhibition as well as the process of bringing these works together.

This is a recording of the online event, Curator Talk: 150 Years of the Royal School of Needlework, which originally took place on Friday 1 April 2022 via Microsoft Teams.

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